With over 473 species of birds on record, Kansas is the sixteenth “birdiest” state in the United States. The centralized location of the Sunflower State makes it a massive store of surprise for visiting birders. When it comes to Kansas’ best bird-watching spots, there are numerous options. From wide-open grasslands to forested parklands, you’ll find many great vantage points to explore the highly diverse birdlife in Kansas. 

Kansas’s bird diversity is enhanced by its landlocked geography, making it one of the most visited stopover camps for migrating shorebirds globally. The state also has many reservoirs which attract seagulls and other water birds during winter. Magnificent frigatebirds and wood storks are found along the Northern Gulf Coast during spring and fall. Summer is also an excellent season for bird-watching in Kansas. If you are a bird lover hoping to visit Kansas and enjoy some birding views, here are 7 great bird-watching spots that you can visit in this midwestern state.

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