No Free Lunches

Welcome to No Free Lunches, a video series featuring the best places to eat and drink in Lawrence, Kansas. Join Jordan Winter as she chats with local chefs and mixologists, and the locals who love the flavors that make Lawrence a foodie’s paradise!


Some say it’s the most important meal of the day. Thankfully you can get it nearly any time of the day in Lawrence! In this series of No Free Lunches the topic is breakfast. Sweet, savory, hearty, light… the options are endless at these four local favorites. Go behind-the-scenes and get the insider info with host Jordan Winter. 

Ladybird Diner

The Roost

Wake the Dead (closed)

The Levee Cafe (closed)


What’s better than the smell of freshly baked breads, donuts, and pastries? Luckily here in Lawrence you can get a whiff and a taste of the freshness at several delightful bakeries. Join Jordan Winter of No Free Lunches as she samples  four of Lawrence’s favorites. 

Alchemy Coffee & Bake House

Munchers Bakery

1900 Barker Bakery and Cafe

Wheatfields Bakery


The restaurant scene gets a lot of press here, and most people can rattle off a long list of local cafes, brunch joints, and innovative bistros when asked for a recommendation. But what about those not-so-talked about spots? You know, the ones that are just a little bit off the beaten path and don’t use white cloth napkins. Join Jordan Winter as she explores four of Lawrence’s Hidden Gems that are worth seeking out!

Terrebonne Cafe

La Estrella

Leeway Franks

Chebarro Mediterranean Quick Stop


Choosing a restaurant that offers flavorful meat and non-meat options can sometimes be a challenge. Join No Free Lunches host, Jordan Winter, as she tries vegetarian-friendly dishes at Lawrence restaurants that are known for their meaty menus. Check out some of the most delicious meat-free alternatives at Burrito King, Burger Stand, Ramen Bowls, and Culinaria… and then try them out for yourselves!


Burrito King

Burger Stand

Ramen Bowls


Lawrence, Kansas has a lot to be proud of when it comes to specialty cocktails. We are, afterall, the place that can take credit for the “Horsefeather”, a whiskey cocktail that was invented here in the 90’s. Our local mixologists take great pride in making tasty concoctions, and our locals take great pleasure in indulging in them. Join No Free Lunches host, Jordan Winter, as she talks with the people behind the flavors of some of Lawrence’s favorite cocktails at Bon Bon!, Lark A’Fare, John Brown Underground, and The Bourgeois Pig. 

The Bourgeios Pig

Bon Bon! (Closed)

Lark A'Fare (Closed)

John Brown's Underground