Art Tougeau Parade in Downtown Lawrence Kansas

Regional stars and big tours are rolling through Lawrence in April

With April being a big touring month for bands, we’re seeing a lot of big name shows roll through the Lawrence area this month thanks to our access to large and mid-sized venues. Though some are already sold out (Kublai Khan, Jessie Murph) or close to selling out, there are still plenty of…

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A Guide to Spring Birding in Lawrence, Kansas

Cover Photo Credit: Northern Shoveler by Ed MacKerrow/Audubon Photography Awards Though we hardly had a winter, spring is coming nonetheless. I’ve already had my first case of poison ivy from wearing short sleeves on an 80-degree late February day. And the birds are rushing to catch up. Male…

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Expand Your Musical Palette in Lawrence, Kansas this March

Spring is on the way! That means a hodgepodge of bands rolling through the area. This is festival season for some—and since Lawrence is in the middle of the country, you never know who will show up. From experimental noise rock to blues legends, this is a good month to go out and expand your palette…

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