Art Tougeau Parade in Downtown Lawrence Kansas
Fally Afani

Fally Afani is an award-winning journalist with a career spanning more than 15 years in media. She has worked extensively in radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and more. Currently, she resides in Lawrence, Kansas, where she works as a music journalist and is the Editor of I Heart Local Music.

Best Bets for Live Music in June

Welcome to sweet, summery June! If there’s one thing you’ll be doing with live music this month, it’s getting outdoors and enjoying a festival or two. June is always such a beautiful time of year, and those who enjoy the sunshine will be thrilled with how many opportunities await for hitting the…

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Festivals and Rock Rule the May Music Calendar

I mean, you probably shouldn’t even try to leave town this month. Lawrence tends to spring into action this time of year, what with Busker Fest and the Food Truck Fest. But local music absolutely explodes in May. Every venue is filled to the brim with shows, and many are selling out quickly. This is…

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Best Bets for Live Music in April

Phew! The spring season just hit like a ton of bricks, didn’t it? Well, lucky for those of us who live for live events, there’s no slowing down in April. There’s something for fans of disco, metal, piano rock, hip-hop, dance music, and (of course) bluegrass. The dandiest month of the year seems to…

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Top Tracks of the Year from Lawrence Musicians

Friends, it’s been a wild ride for everyone, but especially musicians. Many of them sat on their releases during the pandemic and waited until live shows returned. They did not disappoint. We headbanged, we bopped, and we howled all throughout the year as artists played one thrilling release show…

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December's Best Bets for Live Music in Lawrence, Kansas

Let’s end the year with a bang, shall we? It’s time to big adieu to the aging 2021, tremendously falling out of style, and turn to the season’s hottest accessory: 2022. You did it. You’ve survived the year (for the most part). It’s time to don we now our gay apparel and party . Here are, in our…

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Bring on the gnar! Rocktober is finally here!

October is notoriously referred to as “Rocktober” for a reason. It’s when all the stars (or rather, tours) align and everyone comes through Kansas. It’s also a time to get spooky—and as a result, some of the better shows get booked closer to Halloween. Rocktober also marks a special occasion in…

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