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Art Tougeau Parade in Downtown Lawrence Kansas
Fally Afani

Fally Afani is an award-winning journalist with a career spanning more than 15 years in media. She has worked extensively in radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and more. Currently, she resides in Lawrence, Kansas, where she works as a music journalist and is the Editor of I Heart Local Music.

December's Best Bets for Live Music in Lawrence, Kansas

Let’s end the year with a bang, shall we? It’s time to big adieu to the aging 2021, tremendously falling out of style, and turn to the season’s hottest accessory: 2022. You did it. You’ve survived the year (for the most part). It’s time to don we now our gay apparel and party . Here are, in our…

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Bring on the gnar! Rocktober is finally here!

October is notoriously referred to as “Rocktober” for a reason. It’s when all the stars (or rather, tours) align and everyone comes through Kansas. It’s also a time to get spooky—and as a result, some of the better shows get booked closer to Halloween. Rocktober also marks a special occasion in…

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Best bets for live music in September

If August was the month that festivals came back to Lawrence, September is the month that welcomes back regular events at our big venues. The Autumn season is upon us, and that means tours are in full swing. This month, we’ll be seeing a robust concert calendar from Liberty Hall, The Granada, and…

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Local Lawrence Playlists

Vibe to the Lawrence, Kansas music scene from home with these playlists curated by local music expert Fally Afani of I Heart Local Music. Top 2021 LFK Releases Top 2020 LFK Releases Hip-Hop Hooray in LFK Folk in LFK Stay Inside! A Quarantine Rock Concert Dulcet Dreampop from Lawrence/KC…

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Festivals return for August in Lawrence

Well well well, if it isn’t FULL SWING. That’s right, we’ve got an almost entirely in-tact music scene up and running this month… and get this, there’s even A REAL-LIFE MUSIC FESTIVAL on deck. We can’t believe it. Every month gets better and better, and August is no exception. We’ve been waiting…

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July Best Bests for Live Music

There are a lot of big things happening in July! For one, indoor nighttime rock shows are back. Second, The Bottleneck is finally easing back into the live music landscape (we missed you, Bottleneck!). There are a few surprises in store for music-goers, and a heavy holiday weekend outlook. So…

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Local musicians conquered the pandemic with covers

We passed the year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that means a year without concerts, live entertainment, and stage performances. It also means that local musicians now have a year’s worth of virtual performance experiences under their belts. Not only did they get the chance to explore other…

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Five Lawrence musicians to watch in 2021

It feels like we’re finally in a position to start looking ahead. Vaccines are already rolling out in Lawrence, venues are starting to get some assistance from a relief bill, and we’re already eagerly putting together a potential concert calendar. It’ll take a while to see touring bands come back…

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