Now that we’re thawing out (please??), we can start brushing off our dancing shoes. February is full of events for all types of dancers. It doesn’t matter if you want to don your fanciest footwear, strap on cowboy boots, or ditch the shoes completely—this is a month that will SURELY have something for everyone. Be sure to also check out our “Other Shows To Keep On Your Radar” section at the bottom for the general run of rock and metal shows as well. Here are all the places you can cut a rug in February:

Bob Marley Birthday Bash

Bob Marley Birthday Bash

The Jazzhaus | February 2

We love a good tribute band, and this one has two reasons to celebrate in February. Not only will Ras Neville and the Kingstonians be celebrating Bob Marley’s birthday with a special show at the Jazzhaus, they’ll also be celebrating 40 years as a band. They’ll be joined by special guests International House of Dub DJ's for the night. The band descends from another reggae band, Common Ground, and comes with decades of experience in the live music scene.

RIYL: Bob Marley, The Wailers, cover bands

90s Country Covers Concert

Going Country: Local bands cover 90’s country hits!

The Bottleneck | February 9

(full disclosure: this is an I Heart Local Music event)

Every year, I Heart Local Music chooses the dead of winter to throw one of the funnest cover shows of the year. In the past, we’ve brought you ABBA and Queen tribute shows. This year, we’re tackling country hits strictly from the 90’s! Local bands and ensembles will each tackle an artist. For example, Unfit Wives will be tackling The Chicks, Maria the Mexican will be taking on Faith Hill, and other locals will be working on George Strait and Alan Jackson. There will be a few more recognizable names peppered in there as well. You’ll DEFINITELY want to stay to watch the Drag Queens do Shania Twain numbers. The best part? It’s free, it’s all ages, and it’s EARLY.

RIYL: Shania Twain, The Chicks, George Strait.

Mundo Nouvo by Fally Afani

photo by Fally Afani

Carnaval Latino at Lucia

Lucia | February 9

We’ve previously profiled how Lucia is Lawrence’s Latin music destination, and the annual Carnaval Latino show is a big reason why. The last time we went to this show, the place was absolutely PACKED with a line at the door. This is where you’ll want to bring your dancing shoes and enjoy Mundo Nouvo, as well as an additional Brazilian set.

RIYL: Salsa, dancing until your feet fall off

Mardi Gras Parade by Fally Afani

photo by Fally Afani

The Lawrence Mardi Gras Parade

Downtown Lawrence | February 13

Well, well, well, if it isn’t Lawrence’s loudest and most in-your-face music event. The Lawrence Mardi Gras parade is a lot like Fight Club. If this is your first time, you simply MUST participate. You can throw on any crazy getup, make an instrument out of anything, and fight right in. The best part? They do it in any weather (we’ve seen trombones freeze mid-slide before). This is a CAN’T-MISS music event for Lawrence every year. Even if you don’t play an instrument, you can tag along and dance with the band.

RIYL: Silly things, you silly goose.

Kadesh Flow by Fally Afani

photo by Fally Afani

Kadesh Flow / OG-1 / The Royal Chief

The Replay | February 16

While we see a lot of new hip-hop acts travel through the scene, there will always be those dependable powerhouses. Leading the charge are Kadesh Flow and The Royal Chief. There’s never been a moment where Kadesh hasn’t absolutely transformed a show using just his rapping and trombone abilities. The Royal Chief also tends to bring the house down. Paired with newcomers OG-1, this will definitely be one to check out for fans of hip-hop.

RIYL: Approach, Creative Mind Frame, Cuee

Postmodern Jukebox

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox

Liberty Hall | February 21

It’s time to put your reservations aside and finally head over to a Postmodern Jukebox concert. These shows are unapologetically fun for fans of every genre. More importantly, these musicians are top-notch. Sure, you’ll come for the jovial atmosphere and cheery demeanor of the performers. But you’ll stay for the complex musical arrangements as they take on modern pop favorites and translate them into a more vintage sound. If you’re lucky, they’ll bring out the tap dancers! They’re celebrating ten years of the band with this tour, so expect them to pull out new and older favorites.

RIYL: Pop songs, dancing, getting gussied up for a show, watching OTHER people get gussied up for a show

Other shows to keep on your radar:

The Roseline (album release) / Suzannah Johannes / Empty Moon

The Bottleneck | February 2


Orphans of Doom / Horned Wolf / Hossferatu / Gurney

The Bottleneck | February 3


Social Cinema / Jack / City Hall / Flash Floods

The Bottleneck | February 8


Lettuce: Vibe Tour

Liberty Hall | February 10


Cat Rodeo Roundup: Superbowl Sunday (early show)

Lucia | February 11


Indigo De Souza

The Bottleneck | February 12


Godzillionaire / Describing UFOs I’ve Seen (early show)

The Replay | February 16


Soul Rebel and the Beast

The Bottleneck | February 24