Did you do it? Did you survive Rocktober?! Good, because here comes No-Sleep-November.

Despite November being a calmer month in years past, we seem to have a packed schedule full of really great touring bands and a strong local showing. You may very well be running all over town this month for a wide variety of events. We’ve got the indie rocker's daydream, a gamer metal band, and even something for the Rockabillies. No room for boredom here; this is a month to expand your musical palate. Here are our best bets for November:

The Whips Live Music November 2023

The Whips / The Noise FM / Pala Zolo

The Replay | November 10

Well, well, well. If it isn’t the party boys of years past, all in one place. This is a lineup full of local bands that made it to the big city but are coming back to treat us peasants in Kansas to a show.

It looks like the fellas in The Noise FM and Pala Zolo are taking a little diversion from their busy time in Hembree to come kick it with the locals back in Lawrence. One of the scene’s premiere party bands, The Whips, headline this night of antics. It’ll be a great night full of rock, funk, and dance numbers (The Whips have never let us down).

RIYL: Dancing, partying at the Replay

Dragonforce Live Music November 2023


The Granada | November 12

I’ll tell you right now: it’s pretty sweet that DragonForce is coming through Lawrence this month. The English power metal band is a longtime favorite of music lovers, the kind who like to get nuts at shows. These are some of the best guitarists around, and the only proof you need is to reach far back into your Millennial memory and remember the hardest stage on Guitar Hero III – Legends of Rock. That’s where many-a-gamers found the ever-frustrating “Through the Fire and Flames” to be the HARDEST STAGE THEY’VE EVER PLAYED (don’t lie, you’ve likely broken a few controllers over this song). On November 12, you get to see these absolute legends in the flesh. They released new songs just before the tour kicked off, so expect lots of new tunes and all your nerdy metalhead fans at the show.

RIYL: Hammerfall, Powerwolf, Rhapsody of Fire, handing the controller to your sister so she can beat the stage for you

Head and the Heart Live Music November 2023

The Head and the Heart

Liberty Hall | November 13

Lawrence loves a good folk-rock band, and they generally tend to land at Liberty Hall when they roll through. The Head and the Heart, as far as we can remember, haven't hit up Lawrence since their ascent to major stardom in the last decade. The last time they were here at The Granada in 2012, they were still a relatively young and up-and-coming band. This is an exciting time for fans of The Head and the Heart, as the band’s been dropping hints that a new album is on the way (their last record was created during the pandemic, so this album finally has them recording in the same room together again). Their last album, Ever Shade of Blue, saw the band stepping a little outside their roots sound and experimenting with a new approach to their songs. With a growing discography, it’ll be hard to tell what they bring to the setlist. Nonetheless, their fan base has grown steadily since the band’s formation in 2009 (fun fact, we saw them in 2011 performing inside a bike shop in Austin) and will bring all the good vibes to the show.

RIYL: The Avett Brothers, Iron and Wine, The Paper Kites

Koffin Kats Live Music November 2023

The Koffin Kats / The Rackatees / Dumpstar

The Bottleneck | November 28

Don’t worry, punk fans. After an entire month of mostly metal shows, there’s something for you, too. Psychedelic Rockabilly band The Koffin Kats are heading through The Bottleneck while celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. There’s likely to be some new material peppered in there when they hit the stage with local favorites The Rackatees and Dumpstar.

RIYL: Nekromantix, Demented Are Go, The Cramps

Other events to keep on your radar:

Barns Courtney

The Granada | November 3


OxyToxin / Vehicles / Late Night

The Replay | November 3


Music and Drag! LYXE / Carswell and Hope / MsAmanda Love / Kansas Michaels

The Replay | November 4


Wednesday 13

The Bottleneck | November 7


Dying Fetus: Make Them Beg For Death

The Granada | November 10


Arthur Dodge and the Horsefeathers / Headlight Rivals / Suzannah Johannes

The Bottleneck | November 10


Vienna Boys Choir

Lied Center of Kansas | November 11


Me Like Bees / LYXE / Flash Floods

The Bottleneck | November 11


Lucero and Jason Boland and the Stragglers

Liberty Hall | November 18


Speedy Ortiz

The Bottleneck | November 18

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