This Valentine's Day hit the open road with your honey and explore the most romantic cities around the country.

Valentine’s Day is upon us and you’re probably looking for something to do to make the day extra special. There’s a lot of social pressure that goes into Valentine’s Day. Good news: we’re here to help.

We’re not here to give you lists of outrageously priced restaurants. No ultra-bougie hotels or gifts with price tags that would make Oprah clutch her wallet. Instead, Valentine’s Day should be, more than anything, personal. So whether you want to travel far or stay close to home, go all out or keep it quaint, it’s up to you. And it’s up to us to give you some viable options.

This brings us to our list of the most romantic cities in each of the 50 states …

Lawrence, Kansas

When you think Kansas, you probably don’t think quirky. But that’s maybe because you’ve never been to Lawrence. It may not feel like you’re in Kansas anymore, but Kansas is evolving, or haven’t you heard? Being home to the state university, Lawrence is the state’s “youthful corner” and is known for its vibrant nightlife, artistic vibe and fun-loving demographic. Leaning a little more bohemian than most middle-America cities, it’s nearly impossible to get bored in this town. So if you and your partner are looking for a little piece of the Emerald City in the Sunflower State, look no further.

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