June feels a little bit like Lawrence grabbed a bunch of genres off the shelf and threw them in a smoothie for a random concert calendar. There’s no rhyme or reason here, just events happening all over. Bluegrass and roots music are always mainstays, but we’ll see a couple of great LGBT-themed shows for PRIDE, as well as some reunions for the old fogies. Curating this list was like throwing a dart at a map with a blindfold on. Take your pick, it’s random all over for the month of June.

Nekrogoblin - Live Music Blog


The Granada | June 6

Melodic death metal and theatrics seem to go hand-in-goblin-hand. The Granada seems to be home to a never-ending stream of metal bands, and will go full goblin-mode this Summer when Nekrogoblin rolls through. This will be a different tour for the LA-band, as they’re replacing vocalist Nicky “Scorpion” Calonne with Vengeance’s Dickie Allen. The event is thrown in conjunction with 1313 Mockingbird Lane, the toy store across the street from The Granada owned and operated by supreme metalhead Terry Taylor.

RILY: goblins.

Scroat Belly - Live Music Blog

Scroat Belly

Lucia | June 10

This is for fans of bluegrass and punk. Comprised of members of Split Lip Rayfield, Scroat Belly tends to put on thrilling shows with fantastically engaging audiences. Considering this is going down at Lucia, we expect a full house in the tiny venue and a wild night. A little birdie told us you can expect new music from one of the members soon.

RIYL: Split Lip Rayfield, Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy, Kaw River Roots Fest

Cat Fight - Live Music Blog

Cat Fight / Mic the Mains / Monochrome Home

The Replay | June 15

If you want to know what the young and emerging punks are up to but don’t want to go to a house show to find out, this is the show to catch. Cat Fight have been luring in audiences with their unapologetic energy, even scoring second place at Farmer’s Ball earlier this year. They’ll be joined by a host of other local punks at this show.

RILY: Bikini Kill, Hol

Miki P & The Swallowtails - Live Music Blog

Miki P and the Swallowtails / The Creepy Jingles / Howard Mahan and Friends

The Replay | June 29

Miki P and the Swallowtails may be our favorite local band featuring a cello. The band just released their latest single, “Take It Slow,” in anticipation of their upcoming sophomore album, The World Still Spins, and it features the cellist front and center. Miki P is an insanely talented multi-instrumentalist, and pulls deep into the band’s talent to find something for every kind of fan. Come for the instrumental-know-how, stay for The Creepy Jingles opening the show with a bang.

RIYL: 90’s angst, cellos

The Embarassment - Live Music Blog

The Embarrassment Reunion Concert

Liberty Hall | June 30

This is a pretty special musical event for Lawrence. As part of Free State Fest, Liberty Hall will be showing a documentary highlighting local band The Embarrassment. Through interviews and rare concert footage, the film details how the local punk band shot to fame (and what kept them from selling out). It’ll be followed up by a Q&A and reunion concert.

RIYL: local music, punk, Mission of Burma, Volcano Suns

Peep the trailer below:

The Free State Festival celebrates the free spirit of the state of Kansas with films that challenge, inspire, and entertain. This signature annual event brings independent films, live music, comedy and art to venues across the vibrant college town of...

Other events to keep on your radar:


Tommy Goodroad and the Highway Birds / Tyler Gregory / The Big Sky

The Replay | June 1


Marcel P. Black / Approach / Steph Simon

The Replay | June 3


Pretend Friend / Haymakers

The Replay | June 4


The Rackatees / Stinkbomb / Jackoffs

The Replay | June 9



Liberty Hall | June 18


Summer Salt

The Bottleneck | June 21

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