Now that EVERYONE has gotten Omicron out of their system, it’s time to celebrate. Cases rapidly declined, and we are getting ready to get back to the swing of things here in Lawrence! This month promises that oh-so-busy Spring concert schedule we’re used to seeing pre-pandemic. There are dance parties, indie rockers, even a visit from a K-Pop group, and (of course) a massive celebration of Irish music. Here are the shows to look ahead to this month:




Liberty Hall | March 3

Weeeeeee kind of missed the boat on the K-pop train here in Lawrence. This year, we’re playing catchup. It starts with ONEUS at Liberty Hall. This is a band that’s heavy on the pop. The South Korean band have a modest worldwide following, and this isn’t their first U.S. tour (they previously came stateside pre-pandemic). This will be the first of a handful of K-pop bands touring the region, and you can expect a stage show that’s heavy on the dancing and extremely, really, really, ridiculously good looking South Korean vocalists.


Frogpond photo by Anna Selle


Frogpond / Flooding / Late Night

The Bottleneck | March 5

Can’t talk. Doing cool girl sh*t.

This show is a real treat for locals. Frogpond has finally reunited and kicks the month off with what’s sure to be a memorable set at an iconic venue. For you youngins that weren’t born yet, Frogpond was a Kansas City rock band that hit it big in the 90’s. They spent the decade touring extensively and opening for some major 90’s heavy-hitters. This year, they’re back at it. Expect folks to fully sing along at their Bottleneck show. They recently hit up an in-studio session at the Bridge, and you can watch that video below.

RIYL: L7, The Breeders, Bikini Kill

Songs from Ireland

Songs from Ireland, featuring Carswell & Hope / Ashley Davis / Calvin Arsenia / Kansas City Irish Dance Company

Liberty Hall | March 5

We’d be lying if we didn’t say Songs from Ireland is one of our favorite events of the year.

Not only does the annual event kick off the Spring concert season, it also is closely followed by the Lawrence St. Patrick’s Day parade (a MUST-see event for anyone who calls themselves a Lawrencian).

The event returns with resident Irish musician (who we love to claim as a Lawrencian) Nick Carswell. For the show, he’ll be touting along his band Carswell & Hope, musician Ashely Davis, harp maestro Calvin Arsenia, and the Kansas City Irish Dance Company (this is arguably the best part of the show, with dancers flying across the stage between bands). Bonus: This is the first Songs from Ireland event since the pandemic started. 

Carswell and Hope have built up their reputation over the last year as a party band that’s sure to play a lot of thrilling Irish songs. Sure, you’ll hear some Irish fiddling, but you’ll also hear the best Cranberries cover of your life (clip below).

RIYL: Literally any Irish band.

Circle Jerks

Circle Jerks / 7 Seconds / Negative Approach

The Granada | March 21

Is it happening? Is this show really happening? This is one of those concerts that has been COVID-rescheduled so many times, we’re almost a little nervous to say it’s really happening. This won’t just be one of the hottest shows of the month, it’ll be one of the hottest shows of the year.

The iconic punk band with a career spanning several decades is going to put one hell of a hardcore show, and we expect punks new and old to shake their COVID fatigue just in time to throw down. Honestly, we’ll be a little disappointed if someone doesn’t break something. This is their first tour in more than a decade. See them now before they break up again!

RIYL: Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, OFF!, Bad Religion


Night Club - Die in the Disco Tour

The Bottleneck | March 27

Alright, goths. This one’s for you.

By the end of March, we should have COVID under control enough that dance parties will be exploding all over the place. For those of you who like to brood and boogie at the same time, Night Club will be bringing their special brand of dark electronic beats to the Bottleneck stage. They put on a pretty energetic stage show, so expect flashing lights and, like, A LOT of intense makeup.

RIYL: Grimes, Serene Fiend, Ladytron, Alex Glass

Other shows to watch:


The Polish Wieniawski Philharmonic Orchestra

Lied Center of Kansas | March 1


Molly Tuttle

The Bottleneck | March 3


Rosanne Cash

Lied Center of Kansas | March 3


Parquet Courts

Liberty Hall | March 7


All Them Witches

The Bottleneck | March 7


The Sword

The Granada |  March 11


Cowtown Country Club / Plead the Belly

Replay Lounge | March 13


CHEW / ZETA / TUN / Guest Service

Replay Lounge | March 16



The Granada | March 22