Now that the thrill of Rocktober has worn off (hahaha, just kidding, we’re still sore from Halloweekend), is it time to slow down and take a breather before the holiday season kicks events into high gear? Ha! Probably not. Luckily, shows in Lawrence this month are heavy on the locals, easily accessible, and range from dance-ragers to complete chill-fests (for those who need it). Here are our best bets for kicking back with live music in November.

Oxytoxin by Fally Afani


OXYTOXIN (Album Release) / LYXE / Kiss or Kill

The Replay | November 4

This is a show for folks who really just want to get numb and dumb at a good-old rock show. OXYTOXIN is a band that we’ve had our eye on for a bit, and we’re impressed with the trajectory they’ve taken to develop their band and their sound. The rockers will be celebrating an album release on this night, and are joined by new-wave rockers LYXE and punk rockers Kiss or Kill. Come to see what the kids are up to these days, stay for the rock-and-roll.

RIYL: Fast riffs, punk rock, and that thing the grumpy old punks do when they’re all “Well in my day at the Outhouse…”

Son Venezuela by Fally Afani

Son Venezuela

Lucia | November 5

There’s a reason Son Venezuela are often referred to as local legends. What they conjure up at shows is nothing short of magic, and they’ve been doing it for more than two decades now. The tropical Latin musicians bring a wide array of music and arrangements to their live shows, including salsa, mambo, merengue, calypso, tamboreras, and cumbia. Bring your dancing shoes for this one.

RIYL: Dancing, cumbia, bands that play long sets

Ginger Root

Ginger Root

The Granada | November 8

If you’re a fan of retro sounds and boogying all night, but yearn for new music, head to the Granada on Tuesday, November 8. Ginger Root, stage name for Cameron Lew, is all about channeling that 70’s and 80’s sound for the newer generation. Don’t be surprised when a sweet sax solo pops up. Bust out your finest polyester and head to The Granada. Ginger Root’s latest release, Nisemono, promises a whole fresh batch of funky beats.

RIYL: Khan the Band, Mustard Service, Kid Bloom

Arthur Dodge by Fally Afani

Arthur Dodge and the Horsefeathers: 25th Anniversary Debut Release Show

The Bottleneck | November 11

It’s not every day Lawrence gets to go big for a local legend. Arthur Dodge (resident luckiest fella alive, if you know who he’s married to), is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his debut release with a good old-fashioned Americana show at The Bottleneck. You’ve likely seen this bearded entertainer about town at some point in your time here (unless you’ve been living under a rock). We expect the show to be high on sentimentality. They’ll be performing alongside The Frightened Stag.

RIYL: Drakkar Sauna, The Roseline, Elvis Costello

The Floozes with Cloudchord & Recycled Funk at the Replay 11/11

The Floozies

The Granada | November 11

Don’t fret, November’s not all a chill fest. The Floozies are friends of the Lawrence music scene and known for throwing high-powered events full of energy, electronic beats, explosive light shows, and dancing (oh God, SO MUCH DANCING). Pre-pandemic, their shows were known to sell out, so you’ll want to get your tickets early and feel free to dress a little wild (some of y’all are in festival-mode year-round anyway, right?).

RIYL: STS9, Big Gigantic, Partying

Other shows to keep on your radar:

Willow Rose’s Country for the Kids Toy Drive: featuring Cody Canada 

The Bottleneck | November 3


Senses Fail

The Bottleneck | November 5


I Heart Local Music Presents: Sluts and Drag

The Replay | November 5


The Sunday Roundup with Old Fangled (Early Show, 2pm)

Lucia | November 6


Lotuspool 30th Anniversary: Heidi Lynne Gluck / June Henry / Suneaters (early show) 

The Replay | November 11

Approach / Jabee / Big Piph

The Replay | November 11


CHEW / TUN / Daysleeper

The Replay | November 18


Shrek Rave

The Granada | November 19


The Roseline / 95 Sweet Bird / Empty Moon (early show)

The Replay | November 25


Spotlight LFK, hosted by Dre Logic & DP

The Replay | November 27