If you haven’t cut a rug in a while, September is the time to dust off those dancing shoes. This is the month when the high temperatures start to lift (finally), the sunflowers are in full bloom, and dance parties can be found from one end of Downtown to another. This is also a good month if, like yours truly, you’re obsessed with the 80’s, classic rock, and A CERTAIN CELEBRITY’S BAND. Go ahead and put those lazy days of summer behind you, it’s time to get down with these shows for September.

Elton Dan by Fally Afani

Elton Dan and The Rocket Band on Mass Street

Downtown Lawrence | September 9

This one’s for all the Tiny Dancers on Mass Street. It’s always a good day when we see a stage going up Downtown. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a good outdoor party, and this one is bringing a definite favorite for our region. It’s part of a new series called “The Granada Starlite” series, and takes place just south of The Granada.

Elton Dan and the Rocket Band hits up Lawrence at least twice a year, and every time, he’s a riot. We know that Lawrence tends to be very divided on cover bands, but we love it when Elton Dan comes to town. For one, we always find ourselves anxiously staring at that massive gong he brings on tour, waiting for him to wallop that thing. Fans generally come to reminisce on Elton John's hits but are instantly wowed by the amount of artistry that goes into Elton Dan’s on-point costumes and glitzy demeanor. This is no two-bit cover act; Elton Dan is the MAN (or Rocketman, rather). Come to see his impressive setup and band, stay for the carefree dance parties he brings with him.

RIYL: Elton John (duh), street parties, community events

ThunderKat at Venue 1235

Backyard Band Series: Thunderkat

Venue 1235 | September 8

There’s a gorgeous new outdoor concert area in Lawrence, and September may be the perfect time to dip your toes in the new waters. Venue 1235 has created a pleasant outdoor space for events, and Lawrence favorites Thunderkat (hot off the Sandbar block party) are set to play. This show is all ages, family-friendly, and even pet-friendly (because every North Lawrence venue needs dogs on the patio). This is part of the venue’s Backyard Band Series, and Thunderkat’s Epic 80’s Power Rock will be joined by The Essentials on this fair evening.

RIYL: Power rock, cover bands, REALLY BIG HAIR

Fea Live Music Blog

Fea / Vedettes / The Gleaners

Replay Lounge | September 13

There are some shows worth dragging your butt out on a Wednesday night for. It’s hard to find bands doing anything really new with punk, but Chicana punk rockers Fea are up to the task. They have some heavy hitters supporting them, recently releasing a record on Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records, with their self-titled debut produced by Alice Bag. They even recently had Iggy Pop singing their praises. But you don’t have to convince us; we know this band brings a fantastic live show to the stage. In a perfect pairing, they’ll be joined by Vedettes and The Gleaners.

RIYL: Bikini Kill, L7, Sleater-Kinney

Prof Live Music Blog


The Granada | September 16

There’s an energy Prof brings to his live shows that is so infectious, it’s no wonder there’s a high interest in his upcoming Granada show. The Minneapolis rapper is arriving with a new album, Horse, in tow for the High Priced Shoes Tour. The album comes with an impressive lineup of guests, including Redman and Kevin Gates. You can expect a bit of Prof’s cheeky commentary and personality to shine through at the show. He’ll be coming with Cashinova, J. Plaza, and Willie Wonka on the lineup.

RIYL: Atmosphere, Mac Lethal, Grieves (playing The Bottleneck September 16)

Dogstar Flyer


Liberty Hall | September 29

Welp, the big story this month is that Dogstar is coming to Liberty Hall (less formally known as Keanu Reeves’ band with guitarist/vocalist Bret Domrose and drummer Robert Mailhouse).

They’ll be touring in support of their new album, Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees. This is a band for fans of 90’s alternative rock, and Dogstar carries the vibe with a strong indie flair. This is Dogstar’s first album in 23 years, and they’ve been celebrating the reunion with a massive tour this year (with more dates recently added due to their popularity). Their latest release, “Everything Turns Around” (embedded below), is a breezy jam to end the Summer (so expect that Southern California vibe to join them).

RIYL: OK Go, Spacehog, Cold War Kids

Hannah Jagadu live music blog

Hannah Jadagu

The Bottleneck | September 29

If you’ve been longing for some fresh and chill new indie sounds, Hannah Jadagu should be on your playlist. In fact, everyone should be turning to Hannah Jadagu. The incredibly young artist started releasing music straight out of school and brings a proper presence to indie rock. It’s all chill vibes and beautiful compositions at her shows, and she’s taken all of her influences to combine them into one powerful record with Aperture.

RIYL: Black Belt Eagle Scout, Bully, Frankie Rose

Other events to keep on your radar:


Lonnie Fisher Album Release

Replay Lounge | September 8


Black Country, New Road

The Granada | September 10


KU School of Music Presents: Collage

Lied Center of Kansas | September 19


Bryce Vine

Liberty Hall | September 24



The Bottleneck | September 25


Senses Fail

The Granada | September 27


Giovannie and the Hired Guns

The Bottleneck | September 28


Chat Pile

The Bottleneck | September 30