Oooooh boy, it’s hot out there! Luckily, Lawrence’s music scene is quite adept at putting on shows in the heat. If you’re not inside an ice-cold venue (some redid their air conditioning systems during the pandemic), then an evening patio show with a cold beer in-hand might be just the thing for you. There are tons of shows to cool off with this Summer, and no shortage of local excellence. Here are our best bets for July.

Mary Chapin Carpenter

Mary Chapin Carpenter

Liberty Hall | July 17

It’s not every day we get country royalty gracing Liberty Hall. Mary Chapin Carpenter’s albums were a must-have accessory for every 90’s it-girl in rural Kansas. Her successes also brought her a barrage of awards under her belt from the Grammys, Country Music Association, Academy of Country Music, and Americana Music Honors & Awards.

Her latest album, Between the Dirt and the Stars, was released in 2020 and shows us a softer side of the performer, allowing her songwriting a grace that comes with maturity. Like many artists, she was unable to tour during the course of the pandemic but she was able to bring us a YouTube series called “Songs from Home,” most which featured her playing alongside her lovable pet, Angus the Wonder Dog.

RIYL: Rosanna Cash, Nanci Griffith, Wynonna

Carswell and Hope

Carswell & Hope 

Replay Lounge | July 17

Mid-July brings us a special matinee courtesy everyone’s favorite Irish-fronted band. The Carswell & Hope show promises to bring an array of memorable moments thanks to a revolving door of guests. They haven’t been announced yet, but Nick Carswell is so well-connected in town, there’s no doubt we’ll be bowled over by the performances.

RIYL: Indie rock, patio shows, all-star lineups


Brick & Mortor

Brick + Mortar

The Bottleneck | July 22

We’re not gonna lie, we’re pretty big fans of what Brick + Mortar do with their live shows. Costumes? Confetti? A million ways to connect with the audience? They do it all. The Jersey-based duo are known for bringing emotionally thick rock ballads laced with just enough weird to make you second-guess if you’re actually at a concert or, just, like, IMAGINING you’re at a concert, man. Their latest release, Self Care, dives deeper into that sentiment, exploring a neurotic inner monologue with the frenzied beats to match.

RIYL: Flaming Lips, Weird Stuff.


Local Darling at the Replay in Downtown Lawrence Kansas Photo by Fally Afani

The Sluts / Local Darling / LYXE

Replay Lounge | July 23

Now, to the naked, untrained eye, this show may seem like your regular, run-of-the-mill rock show. But there is one binding thread between all three acts on the lineup: They are all fronted by the same musician. Every year, The Sluts tend to pull off some sort of stunt with a dog-days-of-Summer show. This year, they’re combining forces with all their related acts. Guitarist and vocalist Ryan Wise and Kristoffer Dover make up the Sluts. With a bassist added, they make up Local Darling. Ryan’s other project, LYXE, is a three-piece that leans heavily into the Joy Division era of new wave sound. Either way, their fans are absolute psychos (don’t worry, the fun kind!) and you’ll be sharing the floor with dozens of sweaty bodies dancing and thrashing as hard as they can.

RIYL: Getting punched in the chin, getting punched in the gut, getting elbowed in the ribs.


Other shows to keep on your calendar

NoLimit TC / Shay Lyriq / Dai Frace / Raymond

July 1 | The Replay


Aldous Harding

July 1 | The Granada


Mama’s Hellbound Delinquent Sons

July 1 | Kaw Valley Public House


Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls’ Never-Ending Tour of Everywhere

Liberty Hall | July 3


4th of July Matinee with Lord Nelson / No Bow Tie

July 4 | Replay Lounge



July 7 | The Granada


SONA / Local Darling / Emmaline Twist

July 8 | Replay Lounge


The Creepy Jingles / The Roseline / No Magic

July 10 | Replay Lounge


Jarren Benton

July 14 | The Bottleneck


Motion City Soundtrack

July 19 | The Granada


Kaw River Roots Fest Presents: Deadman Flats

July 23 | The Bottleneck